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Amiga Games - Comprehensive Reviews

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Discover Amiga games from the 1980's and early '90's to get your fill of old school gaming nostalgia, or discover a classic you might have never heard of (and go play it!).

This index is a work-in-progress and focuses on big hits in the U.S. and Europe in a device agnostic format.

Games are added to the Library on a continual basis.

Note: Unlike many retro-gaming sites, we take great pains to represent these games in their original aspect ratios of 4:3, which is how they would have appeared on CRT-based monitors and TVs back in the day (not how they are directly output from emulation). Unless the original game designers intended a game to be title boxed with black bars or be viewed in wide screen format (almost never, but it did happen occasionally) we post-process screens to have vertically stretched pixels - not perfect squares. We believe our screenshots to be the closest to "real", 2nd place only to a photograph of a CRT showing a game in progress, which we also show occasionally. If you find any you believe to be incorrect, please let us know. We are trying hard to create and preserve screenshots to be as historically accurate as possible. How people decide to play these games is entirely up to them, and we have no judgement on the matter.