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Theme Park (AGA)

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Theme Park introduces a fascinating twist on the city simulator genre, where your city is an actual theme park like Disneyland. Your goal as the park creator is build an enjoyable place for visitors to come and spend money. You have to consider everything from the price of icy beverages the outhouse visitors will use to relieve themselves after riding a few rides.

This game takes a great deal of attention to detail, on both the creative and business side. And if you fail, you get to witness one of the most chilling death scenes I think I've ever seen.

Upon a final end, you get switched to a very well-rendered 3D scene where you're looking at a picture of your family in a picture frame. You can see your reflection (your head) in the glass of the picture. And then, you watch in horror as your reflection climbs over an open window and jumps - presumably to your death.

After a moment, it appears that your head reappears in the window and the scene quickly changes to a "start new game" screen. A pretty sobering incentive to do better next time!

Back of the box, UK:

Theme Park Designer Series continues roller-coasting fun with high-rolling business!

Theme Park Designer Series continues roller-coasting fun with high-rolling business! Build the highest and fastest roller-coaster ever; the spookiest haunted house and the wildest western in the northern hemisphere. Keep the kids nourished with hamburger stands and cola stalls, but above all else, keep them happy! Failure to do so could well mean financial ruin. There are rides to maintain, workmen to pay and deals to be done. Theme Park Designer Series. Because big business was always meant to be Big Fun.

Also created for OCS, ECS
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Thu May 21, 2020 9:18 am

Is it just me or is there not a download option on this page?
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Electronic Arts
Mike Man, Fin McGechie, Andy Sandham, Tony Dawson, Chris Hill, Paul Mc
Michael Diskett
Russell Shaw
Management Sim
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