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Dune II

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Dune II was given two names: Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty in North America and Dune II: Battle for Arrakis everywhere else.

As a result there were also two totally different box covers designed for the game. (More on that here.)

Dune II is often credited as the first ever real-time strategy game, and it is quite obvious after a few moments of play where Blizzard got its inspiration for Warcraft and Starcraft.

However, according to Westwood Studios designer (previously from Unicorn Software) Joseph Hewitt, as quoted on
"A lot of the development and production side of the game was inspired by Populous and >Sid Meier's Civilization, two games that were played quite a bit in the office. But the most credit should go to a little known Sega Genesis game we were playing in the office called, Herzog Zwei."
Dune II's sounds, while of good quality, can become quite repetitive over time during a campaign. But that's about the only criticism one could possibly muster. Dune II is a classic and a lot of fun to play. The cut-scene graphics are excellent, too. Hell, all of the graphics are great.
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