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Qix (pronounced “kicks”) is another old-school video game classic that originated in the arcades in the very early 80s from legendary publisher Taito. Like many early games, and some popular mobile apps today, it was notable for its brilliantly elegant and simplistic design, ease of play and difficulty to master.

Frankly, once a user gets past level two the game becomes frustratingly difficult if not nearly impossible. As such, Qix was a game that was intended for very short-term play (maybe 2-3 minutes on average) and bordered on feeling unfair at times.

It offered captivating graphics reminiscent of modern art. The simple shapes drawn by users often looked strange digital cousins of paintings by Mondrian.

When I played this game in the arcades, the sound was often jacked to a startlingly high level, offering weird deep digital bass and odd and very cool synthesized effects. I sometimes wondered if it was to gain more attention or to add to my already high blood pressure elevated by the game.

The Amiga conversion actually improves on the graphics a bit as well as the sound. Although, a part of me personally preferred the sold flat shapes of the arcade version. The Amiga version creates repeating and occasionally psychedelic pattens in the created shapes, sometimes pleasing and sometimes oddly disturbing.

I do think the game designers were highly inspired by the bike scene from the movie Tron, as the basic gameplay is extremely similar in concept.

Qix is one of those strange games that you never forget. It’s instantly highly addictive yet also highly frustrating. There really is no mastering it (not for most people, anyway) as the AI is brutally sadistic. Once you are dealing with two Qix on the screen at the same time, you’re almost happy when you're put out of your misery and forced to move on to something more else, or watch someone else for a while as you regained your composure.

Back of the box:


What is QIX? (Pronounced Kicks.) Where did it come from? Where does it go when you turn off your computer? Can you capture QIX before it destroys you?

QIX is unlike any other game you've ever seen or played. It simulates a fictitious computer virus with a whirling multi-color helix, that lives inside the darkness of your computer - never resting.

The object of the game is to neutralize QIX by building a vaccine that contains the virus. You must trap the QIX within this carefully constructed space.

But think and act fast, because the QIX and its mutant offspring are trying to destroy you.

"Science is the knowledge of consequences and dependence of one fact upon another."
--Thomas Hobbes, 1588-1679. (Leviathan)

"QIX is to video games, what Chess was to Kings...a classic mind game."

  • Over 9 Billion Possible Configurations
  • Based on the Original Arcade Hit
  • 1 or 2 Player Action
  • Original Rock Music Score

QIX knows you're out there and it will find you...
It's only a matter of time.
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3 total votes
Taito, Alien Technology
Randy Pfeiffer, Sandy Pfeiffer
Randy Pfeiffer
Action, Arcade, Puzzle Solving
Computers, Cyberpunk
Player mode:
Single-player, two player
USA, (UK port)
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