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Posted Sun Jan 23, 2022 8:20 pm

In my quest to get a complete boxed SquirrelSCSI, I have managed to get a bunch of broken ones. I have 2 SquirrelSCSI and 1 SurfSquirrel. None of them show up on the bus. One locks up the Amiga.

I thought maybe these could be fixed, but they are pretty simple boards with just one chip basically, so a bit beyond what I could do. Maybe they just have some trace problem? I really don't know.

Considering it took me quite a while to find any of these, they seem kind of rare. They also do not go for big money, so maybe they are unwanted / unloved?

In any case, if there is any1 on here who may be able to fix these, please get in touch. I mostly want to help out the community and not toss hardware that could be saved. We can work out something. I am in the US.


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