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Posted Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:09 am

Great pictures. Love the aweseme setup!

Do you have any of the pixel- or 3d-art to share?

Some of your original C64 work from back then??

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Posted Thu Aug 08, 2019 5:04 am

McTrinsic wrote:Great pictures. Love the aweseme setup!

Do you have any of the pixel- or 3d-art to share?

Some of your original C64 work from back then??
Uhm, in fact I have. ;) I recently had backed up my old C64 floppy disks with my VERY old work. Also, I try to backup some of my old Amiga artwork, yet unfortunately a lot of my 3.5 disks have been destroyed during a water damage incident. :(

As for the 3D-art: Since this is what I mainly do as a freelancer, yes, I can share some of it. Yet I have to remind that this is all nowadays state-of-the-art, if that's ok for you?. I fear that my old Lightwave/3DStudioDOS 3D-attempts are (partially) lost.

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Posted Thu Aug 08, 2019 5:53 am


i can't speak for everyone here but I'd be interested.

I have a Kryoflux adapter, so if you would want to try to read out some older disks let me know.

The Kryoflux has both 3,5 and 5,25 floppy drives.


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Posted Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:54 pm

LOAD "C64GFX" ,8,1

PRINT "OMG!!! A blast from my past. This feels like looking back at the first steps of a newborn pixel artist." :lol:

Actually, I have my roots at drawing with ink & pencils on paper (want to see that too?), but as the computer became a part of my life, making graphics there was inevitable of course. Alrighty, here we go: Some 8-bit graphics from lil' old me. Back then, I've been using the alias "Lyte" in the demo scene...
Ahhh, doing anti-aliasing pixel by pixel with my good old Konix Navigator joystic. The beginning...

I got better over time, and blue seemed to be my favorite color. Blue makes happy...

Monochrome graphics and, ROFL, the first attempt of converting an Amiga IFF graphics to the C64...

Various logos and graphics for demos. The disk on the little monitor of the "Turn Disk" graphics was rotating actually...

PRINT "Comming next: My first steps in rendering with Lightwave on my good old Amiga!"
PRINT "Jesus H. Christ, those graphics are 30 years old, guys."

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Toronto, Canada

Posted Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:18 pm


wow some nice pixel artwork....still looks great today ! and yup 30 years ago I was 19.5 years old but can't say the same for my appearance today :mrgreen: <3

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Posted Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:31 am

oldbull wrote:Welcome.
Thank you. I'm here for quite a while though, now just spamming some graphics. :D

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Posted Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:25 am


PRINT "Newtek's Lightwave 3D on the Amiga was my first contact to 3D graphics."
PRINT "Back then, I'd been heavily inspired by the science fiction show Babylon 5."

Unfortunately, I am still searching my old Amiga Pixel artwork, those disks are... somewhere. :roll: What I found are some renderings I did with Lightwave 3D on my Amiga. The rendering times have been insanely long and the results are... well, those were my first steps into the world of 3D graphics.
I'm a SciFi Nerd, so - yes - a spacship scene was mandatory back then. Gee, those renderings are far over 20 years old, I was young an unexperienced, and I had a lot to learn...

I even re-modelled some Babylon 5 vessels and their hyperjump gate, animated of course, but those animations are lost unfortunately...

Well, 3D graphics was and is part of my life since then, I evolved, learned all I needed to know by myself, and nowadays I do 3D graphics as part of my professional freelancing.

GOTO 2000
PRINT "Comming up next: Some snippets from my 10-year career as Video Game Developer and Level Designer."

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:32 pm

Those Babylon 5 renders are sweet.

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Posted Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:25 am

Thanks to all of you for your positive feedback! :D The following graphics are from the Playstation 2 and PC, so they are not really related to the Amiga. I'll post them here to finalize showing the evolution of my graphics till today.
This is from the Playstation 2 Jump&Run game prototype "Legend of Kay II". The game unfortunately never came out due to the closedown of the development studio back then...

3D assets I've done for the Settlers 6: Rise of an Empire game.

The goal was to create a medieval comic-like look for all of the buildings.

The Siege Engine Workshop has been the building with the most complex animations in the game.

This is from a private project, the creation of a SciFi Chopper with two front wheels. I never finisted this one though...

This is what I do nowadays: Creating 3D assets and worlds for the Macro Technology Industry and for Simulation and Training purposes.

On of my focuses is 3D models of fully operational vehicles for driving-, flight-, and nautical-simluators.

Last but not least: A airport pushback truck for on eof my lastes clients.

Ok, that's it guys. Now you're all up to date. ;) I hope you enjoy the graphics, though most of them are done with nowadays state-of-the-art hardware.


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