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Posted Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:08 am

Moved from my '82 commodore 64 and later a C128 to an Amiga in the 90's. Bought one of the first A2000's in Belgium. It was nice, but o so buggy, and I regretted the expensive machine, because it couldn't play games that well as the A1000 and later the A500. But I was able to do some projects with genlock and Pioneer LaserVision in those days, experience the power of multi-tasking floppy drives :-) since I did not have any hard disk back then. Sold it.
In 1987 I was introduced to the Mac, and loved it. Still do.
But I bought an A2000 again I think somewhere around 2000. I think they called it a revision B, not sure. But it is supposed to be better than the one I had beofre. It has a supra card and... was it more chip memory? Don't remember. Enjoyed it, but finally put it away because of no time.

I recently go it out of it's storage box and removed the barrel battery, luckily no corrosion.
It's a revision 6 board, which should be a good thing, I read here on the forum.

It's cool to see that there are still people being very enthousiastic about this machine, but I really don't feel it right now. I've hooked it up to and older TV ( don't remember if I used scart or RGB, or something else ) but I got an image, and was able to boot into workbench. I looked at the screen for a few minutes, and have then simply put it back into its box.

Maybe I can make some people happy here with this hardware. I've got some pictures of the board and the extra cables,available on request. The keyboard unfortunately is in a french AZERTY layout, this was before I switched to QWERTY which is a logical move if you are a software developer.

I wouldn't mind if someone takes it over, but I don't want any hassle shipping this thing. In short, if you come for it, you can have it. It would feel much better than putting it in the trash, I still care enough for it not to want this to happen :-)

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Posted Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:34 am

Hey there.

Welcome to Amiga Love. Good to have you on board. :D

It's a shame that you don't feel the love for Amiga at the moment, but also fair enough.

I reckon a lot of people on this forum would be interested in taking an A2000 of your hands. Where are you located geographically?

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Posted Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:23 pm


I assume you are from France?

Bonjour :) .

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Toronto, Canada

Posted Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:46 pm

welcome & hope the A2000 goes to an Amiga fan

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