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Posted Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:53 am

Hello, I am an Amiga fan and have been since about 1992/3 when my brother let me loose on DPaint 2 on his Amiga 500. I loved drawing and, to this day, still love the default black background and think that should be the standard for all paint programs!

I got an Amiga 600 in 1996 and really loved how I could tell the machine what to do. I would boot into workbench and just look around amazed; I - at that young age - had no idea what I was doing. I once accidentally wrote over my Workbench disk whilst using shell because I was practising with commands.

Anyway, I really got back into all of this when I was searching for "Amiga" on YouTube and found "mrshot97" with his "Installing Amiga Games - The You're Not Stupid Guide".

I love software and do it for a living; when I have time I like to learn more about programming on the Amiga but I really find it hard to find the time to do it. I want to learn more about 68k assembly (and there is an excellent guy on YouTube who does just that: ScoopexUs).

I am a fan of collecting Amiga books and currently have a collection of different software titles mainly by Abacus.

I do have my own YouTube channel but loathe my own voice; hopefully it is the content that people will like: r16815.

Cheers all!

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Detroit, MI, USA

Posted Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:22 am

Really? All you have to do is type in Amiga to find me? YouTube must have been smiling on me that day. haha! Hope you had a backup of Workbench around! Just when I finally memorized your name you go and change it on me! I do recommend anyone into seeing the creation of an intuition game check out rjd's videos. They're quite fascinating, at least from my end. And welcome to the group! I'm glad I convinced somebody to come over here, even if I did have to bully him a little! haha. Welcome again!

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