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Tim NZ
New Zealand

Posted Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:48 am

Just an update... the SCART to HDMI converter arrived today! :)

At first I was disappointed: it just gave a white screen on both of the monitors I have here. But a couple of YouTube videos helped. First was a guy in Germany who had the same problem - it turned out to be his SCART cable. Second was one of Jan Beta's electronics videos, where he mods one of these converters to add composite video/audio inputs (...super easy, it turns out).

So tonight I fed the composite output of my A520 modulator to the HDMI converter... and got a picture! :D Fuzzy as expected, but shows that the converter can actually produce a picture. So my SCART cable is almost certainly the problem, and I'll be happy enough with composite till a new cable arrives :)


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