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Surrey, BC, Canada

by RizThomas posted Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:20 am

Hello. I just registered here after finding this place thru a thread (youtube too) about KickWork. I have been an Amiga user since the early days (A1000) until its fading days which made me switch to Intel PCs due to real life work. I kept my A1000 all these years ( it is actually the 2nd A1000 I had). In my first A1000, I built the add-on 1 meg RAM article from Amazing Magazine where the extra memory chips are piggybacked on the ones in the motherboard. Although, I followed the evolutions of the Amiga from 1000 to other models, I lost track of it until I was about to retire. I never bought any other models until I have resolved that I will be a retro computer collector in small way. This is when my Amiga collection started to grow (either by gift from other Amiga owners, craigslist or recycle store). So far, my amigas are 3-A1000, 3-A2000, 2-A500 and 2-A1200. I don't see ( much) Amigans here in Vancouver Canada area so I just scour the forums to keep in touch with other users. Thank you for having me here.
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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:53 am

Hello RizThomas! Thanks for joining AmigaLove. We're go glad to have you.

And wow - your Amiga collection sounds amazing!
I don't see ( much) Amigans here in Vancouver Canada
They do exist. We have a member here - Alterus - who (I believe) is in Victoria BC. He actually runs a Commodore 64 user group, as well as a fantastic 40-col PETSCII BBS off a C64. I try to connect to it nearly every night. Lately I've been hitting my BBSes each night with my Amiga 1000 using a WiFi modem. The modem works with all of my Amigas, actually, no matter which one I'm using. I mostly alternate between my 1000 and 2000. I simply love both. I also have a 500 and 1200. I'm pretty much done buying machines - these 4 accomplish everything I want to do with Amigas, not including the occasional (old stock) upgrade here or there.

For what it's worth, I and a few other members here are 3 hours south in Seattle. :)

These days I've been on a fruitless hunt for an external HDD for the 1000. Finding one of those, I think, may be a once a year kind of deal. It's amazing how they simply don't exist in the marketplace. I may wind up getting an ACA 500+ at some point just to future-proof the machine, but I really like the way it is.

Oh, and you may notice little <3 down below each person's posts. I put those in there for folks to click if they "Like" something they've read. You don't have to use them, of course, but if you do that's great, too. It's better than Replies below posts of "+1!" etc. ;)

Oh, and if you were ever into playing Amiga games, there is a Games Library (see the link in the site header) that I've been slowly building where I do an in-depth review of a game. I also rip ADF files when appropriate for users to download and try themselves. I'm up to75 games so far. Probably about half-way, to be honest, in what I'll eventually put in there before I ease up on doing that. At the rate I'm going I should reach my original goal at the end of 2019! Then I'll just do them piecemeal most likely. You can vote on those games, too, by clicking the hearts you see on the page.

Thanks again for joining and I look forward to seeing you around AmigaLove!
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by TenLeftFingers posted Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:18 pm

Hi RizThomas,

You have a nice collection there. The towers weren't as common here as the 'desktop' models like the A500/1200 etc so they always pique my interest.

I recently learned there is a community of Irish speakers (my language) in Canada which was a big surprise to me.


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