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Posted Wed May 09, 2018 6:42 pm

I just found this forum, how nice! I have a 1200 resurrected from the past, buried in my closet, last used in 1999. I am in process of towerizing her and up grading
Specs are; 4gb card disk, DVD player/burner, pcmcis cf transfer disk, DBK Mongoose with 86030 @ 40MHZ & 40mhz Co proc and 64meg fast ram. Also a pcmcia network card, sum keyboard adapter with wireless keyboard and a Tom usb mouse adapter with a wireless mouse.
Running on OS3.1 with 3.1 ROMS .

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Posted Thu May 10, 2018 1:25 am

welcome - great to have you here!

For me it's always intriguing to see people actually do something with their miggys and won't let them sleep on a display shelf and just use UAE.

Admittedly I modded my Amiga as well a bit so I would be highly interested in pictures or some share of your progress!


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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Thu May 10, 2018 8:44 am

Hi FasterFred! Glad you found us! By the way, how did you find us? Was it a Google search? Some place else? Just curious.

What kind of case are you using for your tower? Would love to see some pics of your project, too, as you get things moving along.

Cheers, and welcome aboard!

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Toronto, Canada

Posted Fri May 18, 2018 2:19 pm

@ Fasterfred

welcome aboard Fred & please keep us posted on your tower project! I'm still fiddling with my A1200T after all these years and remember having it in pieces most of the time..actually still have one cover off now fiddling with some old scsi HD's & my Mediator...the fun/pain/hackery never ends

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