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Posted Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:23 pm

Hello so my history with the AMiga.
My first experience with the AMiga was when I went to Ireland at age 11. my cousin have an Amiga500. When I got back after that summer I wanted a COmputer. for Christmas and my BIrthday I was able to get an AMiga 2000. and I fell in love. got games like shadow of the beast, the cinemaware games and a few others. that following christmas and my birthday I got a 40 Gb HD. then I saved up the following year for a 2400 Baud modem and it for years, always dreaming of being able to afford the Video TOaster. THen as time passed and the Amiga support died in my area as the one shop that carried and supported it went out of business. I got a PC. and the AMiga fell to the way side.
I always loved the AMiga and everything about it. some how I can across something about being able to emulate the AMiga on a Rasberry Pi. SO this past week I ordered a Pi. ANd today I realized I need a few more items so I ordered those they will arrive in a few days. I can't tell you how exicted I am to try and get it up and running.


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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:39 am

Hi Michael! Thanks for joining. I wonder, is this the post you heard about? This is a project by mattsoft where he took an A500 and swapped out the motherboard with an RPi3. That allows him to still have the Amiga 500 form factor, but allows virtually any/all software across the 85/94 (and beyond) realm. It also supports HDMI, obviously.

Alternatively, I do believe some people use the RPi as a stand-alone unit and simply plug in modern peripherals.

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