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Gentleman Octopus

Posted Wed May 25, 2016 4:01 pm

Hi folks! I'm Gentleman Octopus, and I think I just blew up Lemon and EAB with my digging into the PAL vs NTSC issues.

I don't have much in the way of real hardware anymore. My old A500s are in boxes in another house somewhere, long since dead and broken. Our cabinet of 1000+ Amiga games still exists, but I hate to think whether any of them actually work anymore. Most of them were copied/pirated, as seemed to be the fashion at the time (blame my dad for that one-- I was just a little kid that didn't know any better!).

While I used my Amiga long after it's prime years, Windows 95 came along and became the new computer of choice, and various gaming consoles (Playstations, N64, etc.) took over my gaming life. It has only been in the last few years that I delved back into the world of Amiga. My wife and I started introducing each other to the games we grew up with (she grew up in the US with primarily Nintendo consoles; I grew up in New Zealand), and decided to create a YouTube channel-- Octotiggy-- to document our discoveries.

While emulation is the only way I'm able to interact with the world of Amiga today, it definitely does the job of bringing back all my fond memories of the poor little computer. It's been fun to look back and see which games still hold up, which games really don't hold up at all, and which games stand out (in a good or bad way) to someone who never grew up with them.

Our channel definitely doesn't reflect a pixel perfect representation of a true Amiga (there's other channels out there for that), but I do my best to represent my experience as I remember it-- as that's what the channel is about! For better or worse, that's meant squishy PAL graphics, slow-running games, and all that jazz. That's exactly how I ended up here, as it was Shot97 who pointed all that out to us in our video of Discovery!

Anyway, looks like I've stirred up a fair amount of discussion on the Lemon and EAB forums by asking my own questions about the NTSC/PAL issue. There's been a lot of feedback and opinions so far. Can't promise that we'll make many (or any) changes to our channel's approach, but you can rest assured that we've at least thought about it!

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Wed May 25, 2016 4:06 pm

Welcome! So glad to have you and I just love the premise of you and your wife's game discoveries. Will definitely sub to your channel, too!


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Detroit, MI, USA

Posted Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:15 pm

Hello Gentleman Octopus. Yes, you certainly stirred the pot over there... Unfortunately I can't say it did too much good... Those people... Of course you saw what they said about me, and maybe you saw what Jim Sachs, artist, said about me... Such differing opinions, it's amazing... I don't mean to steer you in a particular direction (or maybe I do - haha) when it comes to forums, but let me say I notice all sorts of "little" things. I know you want to make your channel bigger, and, I've seen your stuff, you deserve to be bigger... But you don't need those people... Just my opinion...

I saw what they said about your new Shadow of the Beast videos... How one guy bitches there's an ad so he can't watch it... I'll say right now, I'm smart enough to know what Adblock is... I have it... and I DISABLE it for YouTube and many other sites... Because those people deserve it... I mean screw Google, but the creators deserve it... If you guys can eat out once a month on what YouTube brings you, that's a good thing. And for someone to dismiss the video because it has an ad... You don't want them...

Then the other guy said "you weren't missing much... I normally like couples that do let's plays but these two were annoying with forced humor"... Could it not have been more obvious that "Gentleman Octopus" who posted the video link was the same "Octotiggy"? I mean I thought they were bad when talked crap about me on their forum when I had no clue they were even doing it... But here they were saying that crap right to the creator of the post...

That's elite forum members for you... It's been there a long time... They've got a few people... But they're dead and dying, new blood there will never be with people who talk like they do. This is not my place... A link was posted on a video I made, and I checked it out... I immediately wanted to be a part of this group... We might be small, but there actually is real love here... Should you stick around, you'll notice even I, the one they say is an arrogant annoying bastard, there's a hell of a lot more love in me than any one of them.

Small, yes... Perhaps for a long time even... But alive... Growing... I have been subscribed to the two of you for quite awhile, through searching, probably for Discovery... I wonder what those people would say of that game... Probably tear it apart even though it meant a lot to us as kids... The two of you will get bigger, no doubt about it... YouTube really does suck these days, with helping out the little guys... I understand if you want to spread the word... But I know the owner of this site has posted several things on those forums before, some of them getting over a thousand views... and we have 15 members... I saw this place and I immediately wanted to sign up... No matter how good you are, how entertaining or funny, how good you write, no matter how big the point you're making is... Those people will never care...

I saw Jim Sachs almost tear up, which made me tear up... It's because nobody showed his games how he envisioned you see them... That's from the artist himself and you saw what they did to me... Imagine what they said before Jim said anything and it was me against the world... That's empathy though, I saw his pain, I felt his pain, I wanted to help. I saw what they said about you, perhaps it does not even phase you in the slightest, that could be true... But as much as I'd love to meet a few of those people in person and have a few words, no matter how wrong they are it never feels good to be called the crap they called me. And let me say, I'm sorry if you felt bad after reading what they said about you.

I am not kidding when I say I listen to the two of you, and I can feel the love you share with each other. It's unique, I've heard a few other couples do stuff like this, you two are the best I've ever heard. And the concept is unique, she plays the games you once played, you play the games she once played... Unique, I doubt anyone else is doing that... Do they care? No. Just like they don't care I'm the only one who is showing Amiga games in the aspect ratio they were designed. They don't care, they have zero respect for it, they're not people I want to be pandering to quite honestly.

I'm not this sites creator but I'm sure he would agree that you are welcome here anytime... Let me just say that... Because I was dying for ANYONE to say the same thing to me on those two sites... Nobody did.... It's nice to have you here... That crap goes a long way and it speaks volumes of the character of the people on the forum. I've seen all I need to see from them... Continue showing the games however you wish, that's okay, the two of you are dynamite and enough on your own... But I'd ask you not to take to heart too much of the crap they said, because they do have an agenda there, And it's a selfish one. Some of them don't know what they're talking about, and some of them know too much for their own good, and they refuse to acknowledge Jim Sachs own works...

Recognition is great, we all strive for it... You could cure cancer and you won't impress those people, I guarantee it. I really do hope you'll be back. :)

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