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Re: What is retro to you?

by McTrinsic Thu May 24, 2018 12:48 pm

Been thinking about this for quite some time.

In a nutshell for me, retro is anything old with a specific ('niche') use to it.

For the Amiga, this niche basically for me is gaming and discovering an alternative OS.
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Re: What is retro to you?

by TomCorbett Mon May 28, 2018 2:12 pm

Retro to me is anything that has been superseded, such as a 33 rpm direct drive or belt drive turntable, a 1/8th inch tape recorder for stereo, like Akai or Sony, a 4 channel stereo receiver lick Pioneer, An Ansco 110 or 220 film snapshot camera, an older type computer such as an 8088 or 80286 XT/AT IBM clone, and Apple IIe, Atari 2600 or Colecovision game console, Amiga or Atari computers, Lionel or American Flyer electric trains, well you get the idea. Older games for bot Amiga Apple, or older PC computers. Slide rules, vacuum tube portable AM radios, hand cranked Victrola record players. The fact that I use some of these things currently as a hobby does not mean they are not retro. That's about all I have to contribute at the moment. Tom
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Re: What is retro to you?

by resonantflux Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:03 pm

Wow, I love all of your answers people! I hope you allow me to suggest something different then :) To me, everything you described is what I'd consider vintage. The term 'retro' seems to be thrown about a lot, hell, even by me and in my company. But retro, to me, represents something that wants to remind you of the old, something which has the appearance, reminiscent of old, not which is genuinely old.

I support this claim entirely anecdotally, though I'm sure some design historians and/or language spoil-sports (to refrain from using ideologically based epithets) will agree. We tried pitching one of our arcade machines to a burger joint in Zagreb, which seemed like it would be the absolutely perfect place. The bar was littered with stuff which we identified as 'old timey', or, you, as we did, might call it retro. It even had an arcade which we knew was not working, so we thought, why not offer one to him that will definitely work. But the owner was adamant that he explicitly wanted the original (I do believe they were Space Invaders) fixed. We then realized, the stuff around the bar wasn't 'old timey', it was old. Vintage, if you will.

'Semantics', you might say. I just thought it was interesting because it took me by surprise. :D
So, with that in mind, I'd consider Analogue SN machines, for example, retro. Also, like someone already said, turntables. :D
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