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Sutton, MA USA

Posted Mon Nov 02, 2020 3:35 pm

I unexpected received this, free, from a friend a couple of weeks ago. Slapped in a new battery, everything looks good!

Maybe tomorrow I'll try ADTPro to see if I can proactively rescue some of my old Apple II disks.. (which all still work, I tested them on:)

Speaking of Apple II.. I have a couple of Apple IIe systems, a bunch of programming books, and misc. stuff posted on craigslist (Worcester, MA). I'll probably list it on eBay, too. But if anyone wants an early shot at it, let me know. Lots of expansion cards, etc. Cases are mostly yellowed, and one box has a detached Delete key (still works).


PS: As a bonus, you'll also receive a copy of TAR: Those Amazing (Angry?) Robots, a game I wrote around 1983, based on the old UNIX game "Chase". It was so popular the college librarian called me up and asked me to take back the disks I had handed out. Apparently people were playing it so much they were breaking the keyboards! (I didn't have a joystick, so input was all keyboard.. and the Apple IIe systems didn't have numeric keypads, so you had to use the 1-8 number keys.. quite a challenge heh)

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