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Posted Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:35 am

intric8 wrote:The real question is, "How much would you all be willing to pay?"
Well, that is a good question. I've asked this question myself and realized it is quite tricky to answer. However, I made a summary of the parts and their costs of the components I purchased to build my all new 2018 C64, just to have a first comparison sum to calculate with. Have a look:

iComp Power Supply: 19.98€
iComp Reloaded Mk2: 184.95€
Original C64 SID (2): 40.00€
Original C64 CPU: 20.00€
Original C64 CIA (2): 28.00€
Original C64 VIC: 20.00€
Pixelwizard C64C-Case: 59.00€
C64C Keyboard Support-Clamps: 15.97€
C64C Power Plug Cover: 4.95€
MechBoard64: 189.00€
1541-Ultimate-II: 139.00€

That's a total of 720.85€ (~ $811.35 USD) :shock:

... and yes, I was quite surpised seeing and realizing the resulting amount, lol. :D

So, if a crazy retro-collector guy like me invests that large amount of money to re-building a C64 with modern-day components, I assume I'd also pay a similar amount of cash for a new MEGA65.

I have a gut feeling that the MEGA65 might land beyond the 500.00€ line.

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:00 pm

I have a gut feeling that the MEGA65 might land beyond the 500.00€ line.
I do, too, unless they've got a connection in China or Taiwan and I'd be surprised if they do (but they might!). And the costs usually only go down when you order at scale.

That all being said, this same conversation has been fired up on one of my favorite BBSes that I visit on a near-daily basis.

I captured one gentleman's opinion whom I respect very highly, as his words rang pretty true for me, too. I love my Ultimate64, but in hindsight part of me wishes I'd known about the Elite. I'm not getting the Elite now. But had I known last year I might have waited. After all these years, will there be a MEGA128 in 2021? Who knows...


Pasting screenshots I took with my phone.

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Posted Sat Oct 26, 2019 4:44 pm

I had a chance last weekend to visit for a few hours with Paul and try out some things with the MEGA65. Having trouble uploading video from my tablet though (I did get one video uploaded here), and waiting on Gordon (gsteemso) who has pictures of us 3 together. Was pretty cool.

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