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Posted Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:51 am

Hello, 8-bit world!

In an attempt to gather eletronics parts for building a C64, I found the Retro 8-bit Shop, which provides a neat complete C64 parts kit. Have a look:
This is the box which I have received a few days ago.

Everything is sorted in small bags.

You can configure the parts kit based on various C64 board revisions, as well as choose various types/quality of the electronic parts. And, all of those parts are brand new, except the C64 native chips of course. However, you can even by those in the shop and the prices are moderate imho.

I will use those part in trying to build a C64 Handheld, which is a cool project I follow/participate on the German Forum64. I also try to design a case for this handheld in 3D.

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