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Posted Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:46 am

Hello, 8-bit world!

Today I received yet another nice Shoot'em Up for our beloved C64 machines named Soul Force

The game was developed by talented Sarah Jane Avory and is published by my friends over at Protovision. In comparison to Cosmic Force, which I showed to you guys over here, Sould Force is lightyears ahead in every aspect, such as graphics, game design, playability, etc.
I've ordered the boxed version. This is the front side.

The back side gives us some impressions about the game.

My version comes on a cartridge, nicely packed and secured inside the box.

Besides the cartridge, I've opted for the soundtrack on CD, a nice cardboard model of the space fighter and further gimmicks.

The price and the quality of the product is similar to other Protovision products, such as Sam's Journey. What you'll get is worth the money imho. And I really like those nice addons inside the box. ;)

If you want to have a sneak peek into the game, there are several YouTube videos available, like this one.

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