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Posted Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:29 am

intric8 wrote:That's true:
It is therefore possible to create an extension cable that brings out the user port.
However I've not seen anyone try this. If you know about a source please let me know. I'd go for it until the internal WiFi is worked out.
Hi! I built a ESP8266 wifi modem for the Ultimate64 internal userport, it works just fine (at 2400 baud).
Here's the section detailing it on my website:
I built this because I was annoyed that I couldn't have my Final Cartridge 3 plugged in while BBSing with the internal NIC (the Internal WiFi is as of yet not used, if it becomes enabled, I hope it will be through the userport, and not the command-channel stuff, as that seems to be incompatible with carts.
The terminal software I use is CCGMS Ultimate, but I've also tried touch-term, which works fine without TFC3 plugged in.

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