Should Add a New Section for Non-Commodore Computers?

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I'm conflicted (will explain in a comment below)
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Seattle, WA, USA
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Posted Fri Dec 30, 2022 10:17 am

OK folks - it's done! A new Site Section has been born.

Presenting: Non-Commodore 8-16 Bits

It's current description:
A place for all computers or consoles that weren't made by Commodore: Apple, Tandy, Acorn, Sinclair, Nintendo, Sega - you get the idea.

As a result, I updated the descriptions of Commodore 8 Bits as well as Retro Corner.

Commodore 8 Bits used to allow for any 8-bit machine from any brand. Now it is tightly focused on Commodore since the new section accounts for all others.

And, I updated Retro Corner to be non-Computer/Console related.
A place for anything 70s-90s: board games, gadgets, toys, entertainment - anything non-computer/console related!
I am going to do a bit more house-cleaning and organization in the meantime.

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Seattle, WA, USA
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Posted Fri Dec 30, 2022 10:47 am

OK! I'm done fiddling for now.

The new site organization is going to take a little getting used to for members that have been here for a while (including me!).

I've created a new site section for all computers/consoles that are non-Commodore based. As such, the previous "grab bag" section called Retro Corner has had some topics moved into the new section. Retro Corner is now for all retro topics that aren't specific to 8/16-bit computers and consoles. What does that mean? Well, things like TV/Entertainment, Board Games, Toys/Gadgets: basically all kinds of 70s-90s nostalgia and historical pop-culture topics.

As I started moving things around I soon began to get used to things and like the new setup. Thanks to all for the previous feedback. And if you have any more feel free to chime in. I'll probably lock this topic up in a week or two.

Cheers, Everyone!

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Posted Sat Dec 31, 2022 5:07 am

I like the new site structuring! It's a definite improvement. <3

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Cupertino, California

Posted Sat Dec 31, 2022 2:24 pm

Thank you, intric8, for the work you do on this board. Looking forward to reading the new section!

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Posted Sat Dec 31, 2022 5:37 pm

I second that!!

Thanks a lot for your dedication.

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Toronto, Canada

Posted Sat Mar 04, 2023 11:30 am

I'm only here for the Amiga love eh...but I don't mind 'other' stuff as long as it's not on the main page :boing: <3

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