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Posted Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:08 pm

We've added Empire, Wargame of the Century to the Games Library. We're reprinting a piece of the game review here in its entirety to help guarantee members of AmigaLove will learn of the fantastic generosity of the legal copyright holders of this epic, historic game.

Taken from the Game Review for Empire:

Notes About the ADF Download

While playing Empire, Wargame of the Century for Amiga and preparing to craft an in-depth review, AmigaLove determined that the original creator of the game, renowned programmer Walter Bright, might still hold the rights to the game. On his personal website he actually provides downloads for PC as well as some other very interesting relevant resources.

As such, we felt morally compelled to reach out to him for permission to provide an original ADF of the game on to our users.

Mr. Bright quickly responded:
I'd love to allow you to, but I don't have the rights to the Amiga version. But these guys do:
good luck!
AmigaLove then contacted the owners of Killer Bee Software based in Houston, TX, who purchased the rights to the original game in 2002. The owner, who goes by Mok online (Mark Kinkead), was extremely gracious and cool and granted us legal permission to create and host an ADF of the Amiga version of Empire - quite possibly the first time Empire for Amiga has ever been legally permitted for download anywhere online!

Mark Kinkead:
Hopefully it won’t sway your decision that I was on a rival team (Atari ST, father’s machine). Though in my NY days I had a C64 (cheaper). Ultimately ended up with an IBM 286.
Hah! We’re lovers of <strong>all</strong> things retro-gaming and computing at AmigaLove. We are extremely grateful and hope our users enjoy this gaming gem as much as we do.

Please feel free to download the game with Killer Bee Software’s kind permission. (See the Game review for the download button)

For fans of the game, we also highly encourage you to also check out Mok’s Kickstarter for an Empire Deluxe Combined Edition, which will conclude on August 28, 2017. The KS has already been funded by over 3X the original ask and is still going strong. The Deluxe Combined Edition, when it ships, will be available for Windows PC, Mac OSX and Linux Ubuntu. You can get a copy for only $13 - totally worth every penny. We funded it and can’t wait for it’s release!

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