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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:03 pm

I went camping (again) last week for several days, so the site probably felt a little quiet around here.

This time we went down to Cape Disappointment, which was not disappointing by any stretch of the imagination. The park was simply gorgeous. Due to the way the Pacific and Colombia River collide, there is a constant triple row of persistent waves, 24 hours a day. Everywhere you go you hear the sounds of waves - so many that it isn't a normal wave sound - more a never ending "shhhhh" sound. This is rather pleasant to go to sleep to at night, for what it's worth, and helps drown out some of the more typical sounds one might encounter at busy camp sites.

On the drive there, we passed several tsunami warning signs directing us to high land should we hear the siren. A few times as I nodded off at night, in pitch darkness with the sounds of waves nearby, I sometimes wondered if I'd awaken to be floating in water later that night. Regardless I slept like a baby.

Since the last site update, the following games have been added to the Games Library:

There are more on the way soon, and I have some very exciting news I hope to announce later this week. . . something very rare I've acquired which I want to share after a proper review is complete. Stay tuned!

There will be one more mini-down-time in late August for our final 2016 camp out. (Probably final.) Our final stop in the '86 Westy this year will be a spot near the Olympic mountain range called Sequim Bay State Park (pronounced "squim"). Good times!
Our '86 Westy (named "Dieter") basking in the sun at Cape Disappointment, WA.

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