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Posted Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:50 pm

Thanks again! It’s coming along pretty fast as I’m cooped up at home without a lot to do.

I did a bit more research into the music thing and decided to go with .mod music anyway over bleepy “inferior” (sort of) formats, I really hadn’t realised back in the day how distinct the Amiga’s sound was.. so many people reusing the same sample banks.. it should be easy for me to go that route as long as I promise myself not to make any of my own samples it shouldn’t take me 3x longer than it needs to. 😅 just need to see if I can remember how to do something I only barely knew how to do 20 years ago, haha.

At the moment I’m doing background graphics. Some locations I’m doing multiple variations, 1 from a first person like view and others (When it’d be distinctly different) with more of a diorama look, in case I decide this should be a point and click adventure instead when it gets to Amiga port time. :D
Backgrounds are going to take even longer than the character art probably but at least it “reads’ ok running the prototype with them looking super sketchy.

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