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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:11 pm

I'm in the process of (finally) rendering a new video right now.

This one is actually C64/128 focused rather than Amiga. I hope to get it out in the next day or so but work has been uber busy. The video is mainly about the practically mythical device by CMD called the RAMlink. I walk through - at a very high level - why it's so interesting and highly desirable even in 2020. But then I also compare it (again, at a very high level) to the new device called the BackBit.

As most of you know I live in Seattle, which has seen its fair share of unrest for the past 2+ weeks. None of it is in my neighborhood. But I do have some elderly family members that live in the "CHAZ" or "CHOP" [Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone] neighborhood where the protests continue to this day. They are in their 80s and I think at this stage just want their neighborhood to go back to how it was. I'm not sure when that'll ever happen, but it looks like things are starting to open up a bit. Truth is, everything going on over there is entirely non-violent and very peaceful. In fact, according to the elders, it "feels like the 1960s again." There are children making chalk drawings on the streets, people handing out free food, gardening (?), poetry readings, speeches and all of that. I have a couple of work colleagues who have attended at least on one day.

Also, here in Seattle we finally have free voluntary COVID-19 testing.

You drive to what was once a car exhaust inspection station and instead of getting a rod up your car's tailpipe you get a swab up your nose. You get the test results 24 hours later. In truth, we all need to go do this because the more tests and data we have the more it will make the overall numbers "less scary" and help push us to the next phase. Right now, we simply don't have enough information to make informed decisions.

I need to schedule an appointment myself...

Even though only one of us in my family should need to do it, the other family members (who very likely have the same result as I would) wouldn't get counted as being tested. So, realistically, we probably should all do it to help get the stats closer to the truth.

Hope all you guys and gals are doing well.

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