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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:13 am

Here's a very cool piece of brand new FPGA Amiga goodness to hit the market in limited quantities this morning: The UnAmiga v1.5

Edu Arana, the creator:
The Unamiga A500 header was designed to fit on a real A500 or a Checkmate 1500 case. The header outputs all the required signals from the FPGA to convert your empty case into a fully working A500 020 Amiga with AGA, and also others cores compatible.

  • FPGA Board Included.
  • 24bit videodac to output VGA 15khz/31khz output (depends on the core).
  • Power plug vía JACK or via MICROUSB B.
  • Power switch.
  • MicroSD reader.
  • NEW 14bit I2S UDA1334 dac with Dual stereo RCA jacks.
  • One amiga Joystick port and one Amiga Mouse port (DB9).
  • External PS2 Keyboard and Mouse available.
  • Wemos D1 footprint for Wifi connection (serial). (Wemos D1 module not included).
  • Floppy buzzer.
  • RTC footpring. (RTC module not included).
  • HDD, FDD and POWERLED output (now also connected to the A500 KB connector).
    Internal A500 keyboard connector (you can use your original A500 keyboard with this board).
  • SoftLatch circuit for the CheckMate 1500 case.
  • Aditional SRAM module required by others cores.
  • SD card with software included for free.
Amiga Core Specs:
  • 68020 AGA Core
  • 2MB of chip ram.
  • 20 MB of fast ram.
  • Floppy emulation via ADF’s (two floppy’s available)
  • HardDrive Emulation via HDF’s (two files can be set up to two drives).
  • Others cores now compatible: NEXT, Speccy, C64, MSX, etc.
Note: Since this design is made to fit on a A500 or CheckMate 1500 case, I have put all the connections (vga, audio, power, sd), located where the originals (serial, parallel, ext floppy, db23, etc) were located. There is no serial, parallel or external floppy ports available. Compatible with the upcoming A500 cases from

What’s in the package:
  • Unamiga header with fpga.
  • NEW Free microSD with software included.
  • NEW 5V 2A powercharger with cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Add your name on the PCB (!!)

When I first saw it go online there were 39 units available. One hour later, we're down to 33. Looks like he should sell these off pretty quickly. I'm not in the market for one of these right now, but I wanted to makes sure some of you here at least knew about it in case you hadn't heard about it.

Looks to be a fun project. 10MARC (Doug) did a review on one about 2 weeks ago.

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Posted Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:08 pm

Ordered! I have a broken A500 and this will be perfect to revive it.

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