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by intric8 posted Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:49 am

Jeremy Reimer at Arstechnica gives a nice overview of a new documentary about our favorite retro computing platform and the people behind it:
[Director] Zach Weddington was able to raise funds in 2011 to make a documentary called Viva Amiga, and it’s now available to watch in 12 languages and several streaming formats. The movie premiered at this week's MAGfest, an annual games and music celebration outside of DC.
There are interviews with Amiga legends RJ Mical, Jeff Porter, Jason Scott, Don Reisinger, Jay Miner, Dave Needle, Glenn Keller, and Dave Haynie.

The movie is available for purchase on iTunes for $9.99.
Acclaimed documentary Viva Amiga is a retro love letter to the freaks, geeks, and geniuses behind the best damned computer ever made: the Commodore Amiga.
It looks like a well-made film. I'll be taking the plunge this week.

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