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Make Your MacBookPro Look Like an Amiga

Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:38 am
by intric8
Do you own a MacbookPro - the silver metal type with the glowing white apple on the outside - but your heart still pines and beats for Amiga?

You may want to take a look at these stickers the Etsy store RunStopRestore (run by Paul Rickards).

The price may seem a little steep at first at $6.50 a pop, but these are high-quality and strong vinyl stickers that are opaque enough to block out any ambient light caused by the glowing apple logo. From across a conference room, with the lights dimmed, the Amiga boing ball looks pretty sharp.

There is a cheaper Commodore "chicken head" logo for $4.50, too. I've attached a couple of pics of my Amiga application for those wanting a close-up.

Nit-picks: It would be nice if the black circle used to block out light matched the metal case somehow to completely camouflage itself, even though I realize the black helps make the logo pop all the more in daylight. And, my shipment didn't include instructions - which are vital for a proper install. Be sure to contact Paul directly if you're unsure at all on what to do. Don't wing it! If for some reason you have a really old black MBP (!?) this would be gorgeous. However, the vinyl is glossy, not matte, so it still won't be a perfect disguise. But it would be dang close.