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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:22 am

Starting in 2018, packaging designer Designer Rocky Bergen started to create meticulously crafted miniature paper models of old tech. And Bergen has a new addition in his growing stable of entertaining efforts: the Amiga 500.
Photo credit: Rocky Bergen

The venerable 500 model comes complete with a 1084S-D1monitor and even a tank mouse.

I was familiar with Bergen's work as I'd seen his C64 Papercraft at a SEA-CCC meeting at the end of 2018, which member Dan Sanderson printed out for folks to take home.
Truly, these little devotions of creativity and passion are a sight to behold (and hold). Yet one more way to potentially get our kids into the retro scene, too. :)
Photo credit: Rocky Bergen

I asked Bergen what inspired him to do the first one.

Rocky Bergen:
I guess I have always been interested in technical illustration but it was hard to find an audience for this. I thought if I made them to be folded into 3D models that it might be more engaging for people. Suddenly, the technical illustration has an understandable purpose. I like the educational, recreational and nostalgic components that have emerged as a result of this experiment. Keeping them free is the big win. :)
Bergen has created even more paper models of retro computers and gadgets, for those that are so inclined here's that list as it exists today:

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