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by intric8 posted Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:54 pm

The guys and gals over at Internet Archive ( have started to create a library of Amiga games. Some of the games merely feature screenshots, while others offer in-browser emulation, like Bubble Bobble.

Granted, the in-browser emulator they are using is quite slow and many of the games currently seem to be incorrectly configured (because they're using the free AROS Kickstart, not Commodore kickstart). But it's a really neat idea to keep the history of some of these titles alive on a non-profit's servers in an interactive way. Even with the current quirks, this is early days so some might get ironed out and the team should be given a pass for now. It just launched - let's give it some time. already does a fabulous job of cataloging some of the more important print pubs of yesteryear like AmigaWorld, which is an extremely valuable service and resource. However, this current line up tells me that the Amiga games archive will likely not be an exhaustive and comprehensive list, but more like a semi-decent sampling of a handful of popular titles as well as quite a few budget titles. Regardless, this is an undertaking of heroic proportions. Most of the titles come from TOSEC, which is not going to contain all of the major classics.

But if you want to actually play Amiga games beyond a quick demo, you're best sticking with your classic hardware or WinUAE/Amiga Forever options.

Worth keeping an eye on this, for sure, though. Very cool indeed.

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