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Posted Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:30 am

Very exciting news has hit the Commodore retrocomputing scene this week.

For the last several years, Commodore-focused hardware manufacturer Individual Computers (iComp GmbH) has been providing custom upgrade boards for C64 and Amiga fans keeping our bizarre obsession alive and on the cutting edge when we need it. Established by computer hardware designer Jens Schönfeld, a fan of 8-bit and 16-bit platforms for over 20 years, iComp GmbH has, incredibly, taken the mighty step forward of licensing the Commodore trademarks from Polabe Holding N.V., who purchased the Commodore trademarks from C=Holdings BV in 2014..

Via iComp GmbH:
New For Old: c64c-Cases Planned For Autumn 2016
The first newly branded Commodore products are span-new cases for the C64 computer, using the original injection molds back from the days Commodore Business Machines produced the C64c. Thanks to these new cases a C64 computer can finally be refurbished after all these years. 
Distribution of these cases is exclusively done via the online shop of the Return-Magazine.
Check out the eventual shop to plug in your email address for future news and updates. Note: the site is natively in German at this time.

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