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Posted Sun Mar 15, 2020 10:38 am

So in one of the FB groups I’m in (Coleco Adam) we were going over how we came about using the Adam and our history with other computers. This elderly lady mentioned to me that she had an A3000 with a bunch of stuff that she didn’t use anymore. If I could find a way to get it, it was all mine. Well, I live in Florida and she lives in Toronto and she can’t pack the stuff and ship it. So....long story short, I managed to get some friends to bring it down on their next trip to Florida!!!

Couple of things I can tell y’all about it:

It’s an A3000 68030/25mhz with 4MB of RAM. There are two hard drives in it, I haven’t determined the capacity of either, yet, nor have I tried to boot it yet (more on that in a second) so we’ll find out what drives are in it, though I suspect the Conner drive (a CBM sticker on it) is a 100mb since everything else on this machine has the higher options.

It’s obviously been worked on its life, with KS 3.1 ROMs and the second HD in it. The graphics card is a Cybervision 64 model, so we’ll see how that does. Pretty cool to see though.

So, why haven’t I booted it? Well, the lady that owned it before me said that it would boot but sometimes take a while to actually load up. I figured, well, HD’s could be going but there’s always that battery ordeal. And sure enough, if you look at the pictures, there’s battery corrosion. Not as bad that I’ve seen on others, such as my A2000 that Mr.Toast did an amazing job on. (Actually similar to this: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=790)

So what’s my plan? Fix the leakage, then hook it up and see how it runs before I start putting a Gotek and other stuff in it.

Here are some pics:

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