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Posted Wed Jun 10, 2020 9:26 am

DAMNIT! I'm rolling my A3000 back to 1.4 and 030. The 060 just isn't worth the loss of dualboot and compatability. I'm currently RE-embarking on my working-A3000-dualboot-setup journey. I've been down this path before, but I am going to perservere this time.. MARK MY WORDS! :)

I DID IT! The problem was that the superkickstart-file for 1.3 that came with my machine when I bought it didn't work. I used the extractkickstart program on the WB3.1 install floppy to extract a new 1.3 superkickstartfile from the superkickstart floppy and now it boots to WB1.3 without a hickup! Fantastic! Now, time for some Settlers :)

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