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Posted Fri May 01, 2020 12:07 am

If you are looking for the least power consumption for the amount of memory:

DKB Insider II (uses 12 4x256Kb CMOS RAM chips for 1.5 MB)
Access Associates Alegra 2 MB (uses 16 1x1Mb CMOS RAM chips for 2 MB)

If you are looking for internal mounting - required if using a Sidecar.

DKB Insider II
DKB Insider I
Spirit Inboard 1000

Coolest looking cases in my opinion
Pacific Cypress Xpander II
Comspec AX1000/AX2000
Microbotics Starboard 2

Best constructed
Comspec AX1000/AX2000
Access Associates Alegra

Most versatile
Microbotics Startboard 2. SCSI/Clock and Peripheral 68881 FPU/Clock options

Requiring rework. But ok after rework
C.Ltd Amega

External but without pass-through
Access Associates Alegra
C.Ltd Amega - often missing the PCB used for passthrough. Can be recreated.

Most powerful - memory/accelerator that connects to the side expansion connector.
Kupke Golem Turbo 1000 - 14 MHz 68030 + 68882. Upto 16 MB.

A lot of people go for the latest, such as the 8 MB internal board, but I hope the above helps a bit if you are looking for period matching expansions.

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Posted Fri May 01, 2020 6:14 am

I had not thought of the power consumption before. That's a good idea if we're hoping to keep the stress off of our ageing power supplies. Thanks!

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