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Posted Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:56 am

I picked up the same HC533 board and I'm mostly very happy with it. However I am running into some issues with the partitioning and size issues. I'm new back to the Amiga so probably some n00b related and some KS1.3 related too.

What I found is, using the Oktagon HDInstTools, I can see the CF IDE card and I can manually partition correctly.

I have a 4GB SD card in a SD->CF Adapter in the CF->IDE adapter connected to the IDE header on the card.

I can create 2 identical 2GB partitions, DH0/DH1. Both appear correct and I can quick format them. I can copy Workbench 1.3 and Extras to DH0: and everything works really well. However, if I copy any programs over to DH1: I start to run into a few issues.

Either, when executing, I get a DOS error code 121 flash in the menu bar. Or I get a Dialog box warning about some Filesystem ( I can recall the wording exactly, but there's effectively an Okay and Debug button). Ultimately it means a reboot. Finally, if I use "Initialize" from the Workbench menu on the DH1 partition it eventually seems to corrupy the DH0 partition.

I'm guessing I'm outta luck on not only partitions >2GB but also on partitions past the 2GB drive boundary. Is this a known situation ?

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