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Posted Mon Jul 06, 2020 12:17 pm

Need some help and guidance from the group.
I have a A3640 card Rev 3.1 in a A4000 with 3.1 roms 16mb. The A3640 has the latest Gal chips, all caps replaced and installed correctly with the three reversed. I checked all resistor values and they are all correctas well. The card boots up the system as normal from floppy or harddrive but will not put a video signal out to the RGB. The caps had never leaked and the card shows no damage on the card. The CPU was also swapped out from one of the other cards and I get the same results.
I have two other cards that work perfectly and give good video output to RGB. The card boots up just as fast as the other two, the floppy drive clicks after boot up as the others but no Video.
What would be the most likely cause of this on that card, such as what chip smd cap any direction is appreciated

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