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Posted Fri Dec 11, 2020 12:56 pm

Retronic Design and Soigeneris teamed to produce new DB23F connectors for Amiga video cables and dongles.
Pins are gold plated with solder cups for wire connection.


Qty......Price......10% off sale
1.........6.25......5.63 USD
2-9......5.75......5.18 USD
10-49...5.25.....4.73 USD
50+......4.75.....4.28 USD

Shipping fees depends on your location

We also sell video components adapter for Amiga at 49.99$CAD


See for details in Canada
or for USA

Cheers! 8-)



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Posted Mon Dec 21, 2020 9:40 am

After sucessfully kickstarted and produced DB23F connector for Amiga computers, we launch a new pre-order for DB23 hoods that matches these connectors.
As they are rare and pricey on different selling platforms, we found that it would be better to start from scratch and have some new ones produced again.
See our pre-order page:

Pre-Order price break is as follow:

Quantity Price (Hood only) Combo Price (Hood+DB23F)
1 2,60$ USD 7,40$ USD (Value price!)
2 – 9 2,47$ USD 6,88$ USD (Value price!)
10 – 49 2,34$ USD 6,36$ USD (Value price!)
50+ 2,21$ USD 5,84$ USD (Value price!)

- Prices does not include shipping
- Includes hadware (screws, nuts, clamps and square washer)
- Black color

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!!! 🎄🍻

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