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Posted Tue Feb 02, 2021 7:29 am

i recently bought an Amiga 1000... i m wating to receive it.
i already have recent experience with Amiga 600

i m interested to use Amiga 1000 with Gotek drive.
Do you suggest me a particular model?

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:08 am

For the A1000 specifically, this is probably the best GoTek swap I've seen. (I still use the original floppy drive with mine, but I do understand they are failing and hard to replace with OEM devices.)
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 9.08.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 9.08.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 9.10.26 AM.png

Check this out

That right there is for the bracket only, but at least someone is making them and it looks to be a good design.

In that post the creator outlines what you would need to replicate his setup.
  • Standard OLED Screen, you can get them online at various sellers. It is a 0.91 inch 128x32 I2C IIC Serial OLED LCD Screen Module 4-PIN DC 3.3V 5V.
  • For the speaker, they are 4.92 x 4.72 x 0.79 inches and 5v of the PC beeper type.
  • Standard 3.5" floppy size Goteks from China in bulk: 3.5'' 1.44M SFR1M44-U100K that have the LED Digits. I remove the board and then from there I remove the green LED light and replace it with a 2 pin header, I then would flash the device with flash floppy.
  • The OLED would be wired up using the existing Cable for the LED harness.
  • Screws are re-used from the inside of the Gotek to attach to the printed frame.
  • Jumpers are placed as per the pictures.
He has a ton of additional important notes that really should be read before going this route. It's not a simple plug-and-play swaparoo. Even the USB drive he's using is a bit custom to handle the kickstart disks.

The fact you can't easily hit the "go right" button would be somewhat annoying, I think, but does allow you to maintain the stealth look. There's going to be trade-offs.

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Posted Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:13 am

thank you very much for your reply.

i m reading of it.

i m thinking to use an external gotek.. and DF0<>DF1 selector...
so i can maintin the original internal

i saw this video.... what do you think? ... teveStoltz

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:18 am

Steve's solution is a very good one.

As I said, my internal drives all work (knock on wood) so I use an external GoTek now for whenever the need arises to quickly load an ADF without much hassle. My setup looks like this.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and let us see what you come up with!

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Posted Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:22 am

thank you i will read now yuor post...
actually i have an Amiga 600 plus 68020, 8 mb and SD installed for hard drive.

amiga 1000 finally i found one... and now i to restart with it..

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Posted Mon Feb 15, 2021 3:19 pm

In order to get the Amiga 1000 to boot as DF0 with FlashFloppy you only need a few things.

- Either an Amiga with Kickstart in ROM that can boot Slot 0 or a Copy of HXCSDFE.CFG with kickstart adf image already assigned to a slot, to boot the Amiga 1000.

- The HxC Floppy Emulator Software for the Amiga from

You then need to:
Copy the HXCSDFE.CFG to your USB FlashDrive formated as Fat32.
Copy the AUTOBOOT.HFE to your USB FlashDrive formated as Fat32.

Right Buttons is Next Slot, Left Button is Previous Slot.

So by default, Flash Floppy will boot AUTOBOOT.HFE and keep it in Slot 0.

The HXCSDFE.CFG is unfortunately in binary, and saves the states of all the other slots and what they map to.

In my case I have the following:

If I boot slot 0 on the gotek, the software lets you select each adf and place in a slot so:
1 kickstartv13.adf
2 workbench13.adf
3 xcopy.adf
4 game1.adf
5 game2.adf

I can also make a copy lets say of workbench13.adf to newdisk.adf, and use it in slot 6, then boot xcopy in slot 3 and copy a real floppy from my DF1 1010 drive to the slot 6 that now has newdisk.adf

The nice thing is I can back up the HXCSDFE.CFG and copy it along with kickstartv13.adf to a new USB key, and it keeps the correct file/slot mapping. This way you do not need another Amiga to fix yours if the USB gets corrupt for some reason.

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Posted Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:28 am

thank you... finally i received my amiga 1000 from "usa"...
great machine!
but it is a special edition with expansion memory INSIDER II...
great thing, hard to find today ... but "to disassemble the expansion" is not easy. it is suspended and trying to pull it does not move and detaches .. it seems even welded .. in short, risky, ruining an amiga 1000 and so for now I have disassembled its original drive and inserted a gotek. Not necessary or mandatory, the drive works .. it was an idea to use it without going crazy with floppies getting damaged

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Posted Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:47 am

I have that original board, and I had to re-do the solder points. For a few of them I just traced back to nearby via points and installed header pins. Makes it much easier to remove and re-install. However the tower of power with that board and a db kwikstart II on mine, its a bit precarious at best! ... spx?id=990

Look here for directions, but if it all works now I do advise taking picture of the connection points for future reference, a lot of this install work was done by hobbiest and not good all the time.

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