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Wales, United Kingdom

Posted Sat Nov 27, 2021 2:58 pm

My favourite tools are as follows:

PPLoadSeg - A great patch that allows Workbench to use PowerPacker compressed system libraries and fonts which saves quite a bit of space on my 1 disk optimised Workbench.

PowerPacker Patcher 1.4 - This allows the system to transparently handle PowerPacked files and also edit them.

GoWB - A 'LoadWB' replacement that also includes the functionality of 'EndCLI'. It's only 296 Bytes!

CrunchMania 1.9 - An impressive file and data compressor that utilises the LZ-Huffman algorithm. It also has a neat support tool named, RTDD (Run-time Data-Decruncher), which allows all applications to use CM compressed files.

Textra 1.06 - A very nice Text editor, I recently added version 1.11 to Aminet. v1.20 onwards require Kickstart 2.x. I mainly use 1.06, as it's considerably smaller (especially after Crunch-Mania has had its way!).

FixDisk 1.2 - Like the name states, a disk repair tool. It managed to recover all my source code from some terribly Disk-Rot stricken disks, that even after cleaning, proved to be very error prone.

FastDisk 1.9 - A no-nonsense disk optimiser. It supports SFS and FFS formats and can translate between them.

FileMaster 2.2 - A really well featured File Manager by Toni Wilen, yup, the same guy behind WinUAE. Last December he very kindly released a Free version.

EditKeys 1.63 - An excellent custom Keymap generator tool.

Hex 1.01 - Such a slick Hex file editor, coded by Nicola Salmoria of MAME fame.

OK, that's all from me... Toodle pip!

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Posted Mon Nov 29, 2021 10:37 am

Excellent list, thanks for adding it!

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