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Toronto, Canada

Posted Fri Apr 02, 2021 3:52 pm

I've got my A1200 tower up n running again..installed latest WHDLoad and kicks in devs as I've done on all my miggies but this time when I click on the game icon nothing happens?? Nothing at all! So I remembered that one time the installer for WHDLoad didn't copy over all the files properly to the C and S folders so I go and copy it all manually but everything is there.

wtf anyone else have this issue?? Well I guess it's time for SnoopDOS yet again eh :D

Annnnd yet again SnoopDOS is our friend boys and girls <3 :boing: Problem was with my ToolTypes go figure...ah the joys of setting up a new/old system and realizing we're forgetting more than we remembered back in the day :P

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