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Posted Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:19 pm

I have a lovely new A1000 that is in perfect condition, and while waiting on my new Classic 520 accelerator for it, I have been experimenting with what can be done with 512KB of CHIP RAM. Not much, really... I have had 1 MB since 1988 in my A500 and I am used to 64 - 100 MB in most of my Amiga's. Here is what I found to still be useful:
1. DPaint III - it works splendid in 320x200 16 colors , but starts to choke at 32 colors. 640 x 200 in 4 colors is fine, but 8 and 16 really only work if I disconnect my floppy. (That saves a ton of RAM - Like 40 KB!)
2. Fantavision works great! I can even load and play back animations that are quite long. I am amazed it works so well in 512 KB.
3. Zoom, Blasteroids and a few other games boot OK with 512K.
4. Photon Paint works like a champ in 320x200. Overscan and Interlace not so much.

I have an A4000 3 feet from my A1000 that can run anything, but it has been fun trying old programs to see if I can use them. I can't get Prowrite 2.5 to launch, or if it does, it runs out of RAM super quick and loses menus...
What programs have you used in 512KB that are worth checking out?
(Currently using Amiga OS 1.34, but could use 1.2 if that saves me a few Kilobytes)

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Posted Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:50 am

I’d say very early EA games work.

Besides EA, from top of my head I would say:
- Defender of the Crown
- Archon
- Marble Madness

You could check here

And check the following item:
- Hardware is: OCS

Then sort by year ascending, may need to skip the entries without a year.

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:45 am

All of my A1000's have more than 512kb, but pretty much anything released before 1987 is probably going to do fine.

Every single Infocom game should work, and it'll be the equivalent of the C128 in 80 cols, which is a far better experience than the C64 IMO in 40 cols.

Also, Ultima IV will run in 512KB and at the proper speed! Accelerated Amigas ruin Ultima IV. When I played and finished it, I could only play it on my Amiga 1000 (because my other machines aren't at 7Mhz, which was how it was designed to be played).

Silent Service
Bard's Tale
Star Wars
Arkanoid (I think)
Emerald Mine
Bubble Bobble
Leisure Suit Larry

Many early Word processors should be fine (TextCraft, Word Perfect) and terminal programs, too. Original version of Directory Master should be fine. DOpus is a massive RAM hog, so don't even bother.

Amiga 1000 rocks the 80s, brah. =)

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Posted Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:21 am

I'll throw in these as well:
Sonix 1.3
Butcher 2.0

Shadow of the Beast
Times of Lore
Pinball Wizard
Rocket Ranger

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