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Posted Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:57 pm

In the topic dedicated to Amidock, we talked about WShell, a wonderful Shell/CLI replacement made by William S. Hawes. The version 2.0 is dated from november 1991 and it's this version I installed on my Workbench 1.3.


WShell brings us a lot of things : first of all, a commands history, but it also adds a log with scrollbar, completion of file name (by default with ESC), a lot of hotkeys (F2 puts WShell in fullscreen), adds more autocompletion with some commands (for example : type "rename myfile" and WShell automagically writes "rename FROM myfile TO myfile"), etc.

The documentation is a bit huge, 128 pages, but is really useful and well written.

But, I'll share with you what I added in my S:Startup-sequence and S:user-startup to make WShell fully works on my WB1.3 :

I added a line in the startup-sequence to launch the new s:user-startup I added in my S: (for more readibility) :

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execute s:user-startup
Then, my user-startup is dedicated to assign and to launch all my other stuffs, including WShell of course, so :

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; BEGIN WShell
copy S:env/ ENV: ;>NIL:
assign remove CON:        ; Remove the CON: device
C:DHOpts CON: PIP:         ; Mount the DisplayHandler
C:FComp ;>NIL:                  ; Path completion
; END WShell
Everything behind a ";" is a comment.
You can add, if you want, a line with "SetExecute", it'll replace "Execute" and will use WShell for every "Execute" command.

After that, you can personalize some files : "S:WShell-Startup", "S:Config-WShell" and "S:Config-FComp" files. Here, I only modified the "S:Config-FComp" file, to use the TAB key for the completion instead of the ESC key ("KEY 66 QUAL 0") and to remove all shortcuts using numbers of the numerical keypad.

That's all, folks ;)

Even if we can find it somewhere on the web, you can now download this "all inclusive" lha archive (with the ADF, the documentation and the text file which explains the keymap for FComp).

And, if you want the original disk and documentation, I was surprised to see selling the 2.0 version and the 1.05 version. I don't know this reseller and I can't buy it for the moment, due to the lockdown, so only US customers can take their chance.

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:14 pm

Thanks for sharing the LHA, Batteman (and all that great info)!

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