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Posted Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:23 pm

Shot97 wrote:
Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:39 am
I finally downloaded the programs and will try to give them a go on the Amiga this weekend... I can't say I'm very much looking forward to it however... As great as the Particle guys are... They've also pointed me to several programs they used "back in the day" or now for their "Amiga".

Can anyone guess why I put "Amiga" in quotes and why I'm not looking forward to testing these out? People can know so much about "their" computer but end up knowing so little about the line of computers simply because in their quest for all things their model they've utterly lost the concept to even understand not only are there other models, that the majority were other models; but that their "Amiga" while sharing many components from earlier machines is using quite a different operating system...

Not saying those programs won't work... But I will say I have tried more terminal programs since I did my write up... I tried 5 or 6 before the write up... Tried 3 after... And A-Talk III is still the ONLY terminal program that both worked in Workbench 1.3 (and therefore qualifies as a terminal program for "Amiga's"), but was intuitive enough to not require locating and reading a massive manual to understand what you needed to do. It was the only program I could actually figure out how to work through the actual interface of the program!

- Hope to be wrong... Cause a PETSCII terminal program would be nice for "some" boards... Although I really recommend you give A-Talk III a very nice try because it's so damn intuitive and offers so much customization... It can be both easy and complicated. It supports many terminal modes including what seems to be the most widely used; ANSI. That's ANSI, not ASCII... It's compatible with ASCII but ANSI is much more than ASCII. So while I'd like to go to Centronian and have it displayed.... AT ALL... - I guess it does support ANSI but it's only through a backdoor of key presses I can't be bothered to remember - Indeed a PETSCII terminal program would be nice to use in SUPPLEMENT...

I know you're used to using that C64... At some point I plan to dive into the BBS world on my C64... Even my VIC-20... But trust me when I do so I will be using programs for the C64 and VIC-20... Partly because I doubt they'd have emulations for anything else... But overwhelmingly because that's the machine I"m on at that moment. I'd truly urge you to not sit back and wait to get your Amiga online simply to have your Amiga be a Commodore 64... I don't care if Particles is designed on a C-128 and supports C-128 graphics mode as well a C-64 graphics mode... It also supports ANSI and it ain't too shabby to look at... and with A-Talk III I get to choose my own colors... What pleases MY eyes.... Because graphics modes or not you will primarily be looking at text; best you're happy with the colors of that text. It's the Amiga.... Utilize the Amiga... Make your primary terminal program be a program designed around the cutting edge stuff of that era; which was ANSI. A PETSCII compatible program would be nice for the few sites that offer only PETSCII or just ASCII.... But if they offer ANSI... Use ANSI... Truly; I still feel a tiny bit ticked you never tried out my free guide to getting your Amiga online (in a raar - stick out your tongue - bet you'll come crawling back way - not an angry pissed off way)... I know you've got the parts... You can get the disks and follow the guide... Is it that you just have not wanted to get out your null-model cable and your laptop to connect them? - Or... As I'm starting to feel... That before even trying a genuine Amiga program that I GUARANTEE will work on your 2000, and probably your 1200 - You'd rather stick to your C64 until both a Wi-Fi modem becomes available and more importantly... You can use your Amiga as a C64???

I can't say I quite understand wanting to turn your Amiga into a low resolution C64. I've come across only one site that I can't use with A-Talk III; Centronian... and indeed there is a way to use ANSI... and ANSI is not just text... So if you really want an Amiga experience, simply find out that keyboard combination to get it into ANSI on your Amiga. I mean in the end there was no special BBS graphics mode for the Amiga... It's all about emulating other modes... But I'll be damned if I'm going to use a primarily text based medium in 40 column text mode if I don't have to! You've got your C64 for that... Use the different experiences the two systems provide as a reason to continue to use them both. Just because you're happy with your C64 in 40 column mode does not mean you won't fall in love with the Amiga in ANSI mode.... Choose your own colors, use that built in phone book.... Take screenshots on the actual Amiga... At least start out and give it a good try... We figure things out by doing... Much like you now have love for the A2000; Something you had no idea you'd care about since you started with the 1200... But now I think you'd miss living without it... Really think you should give A-Talk III a proper try... and unlike many other recommendations.... okay... unlike ALL other recommendations I will guarantee you this will work on your 2000.

I will be trying these two programs out and will report back my results.... Let everyone know I'm betting they're a no go on 1.3 - Anyone else care to place their bets? :D
Old post Shot but interesting still today.. I am curious if you are still using ATALKIII and settings you might recommend. I am still learning and thumbing through the manual. I did however discover that if I select full screen mod vs workbench I get more color options. Now I was playing between VT100 mode which according to manual supports ANSI and I noticed on (I think it was AmigaCity BBS) that messages had another (Ill call it emoji for lack of better description) in the top right vs when I just roll with ANSI its not there. That said I feel strangly that ANSI is really the best option to use on ATALK and that is where I have it set. I have selected different colors but I can't seem to get them precisely how I would like. Maybe Ill get a screen shot of what particles or something looks like with ATALK vs 64Door. Good commentary..

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Posted Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:17 am

I've got a thread here on getting the Amiga online, and if that doesn't show off most of my settings there's a video linked there as well. I use ANSI almost exclusively on A-Talk, that's simply the emulation most boards use, although that VT-100 mode seems to work with all the ANSI ones I tried it on, and maybe some people might like that font more. Otherwise I think all the other board emulation modes are not used these days.

I did responded to your post on Particles, and while I don't particularly wish for this to come off as nasty, I am a firm believer in giving absolute credit where it is due, and when the opposite does not occur from others I do get a little ticked off... Not from you but in a reply to that post on Particles, so I would thus like to just leave this quote from the very thread featured on this board, noting that nobody helped me in finding A-Talk III, a wonderful program from one of the creators of the Amiga.

December 25th, 2016, 3:23 pm
"I had absolutely no help in collecting the information for this guide. All other guides steered me way off track, all advice simply did not work. I give absolutely no thanks to anybody on the internet for the collection of this information other than myself, and Intric8 for links to a couple good BBS’. I felt stupid trying in vain to get this to happen, and to get it to happen cheaply… Because when nobody out there can even tell you how to get your system online in the first place, why would you want to pay money on new hardware you don’t even know is going to work?"

May also be worthwhile to read a couple of the replies to that thread from others noting how they are now going to try A-Talk III...

-> the guide viewtopic.php?f=5&t=168

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Posted Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:15 am

Hey Shot!

Sorry if I torqued your jaw. That was not intentional. I had to go back through all the stuff after the fact to refresh my 49 year old brain. Back in December of 2016 I was connecting to BBSes via my C64. I started using WiFi modems in 2017 with my Amigas.

I was always a bit in awe of your TCPSER setup and remember you helping me with it on my own end. IIRC (maybe not?!) I wasn't able to get it to work unless I simply copied your files over, which I think you gave me to try.

What I had in 2016, and misremembered the timeline, was an original disk of ATalk3 given to me by a local fella named Skip. And then I put the ADFs out there later on. That's the timeline I got garbled up. It was last year (I think) where I found a box filled with various versions that I have been meaning to image but still just haven't gotten around to it.

Anyway, your A500 guide and video from Dec 2016 is great! And I hope more folks find it and learn from it for years to come.

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