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Posted Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:37 am

Better late than never! I finally picked up the boxed Amiga version of Tiger Claw and it arrived this week.
The artwork and box are beyond impressive.

The story behind Tiger Claw goes all the way back to 2014, as it was originally an impressive homage and recreation of the classic C64 Bruce Lee. In 2014 Matthias Bock & Saul Cross submitted it to he 16KB RGCD competition and it earned 2nd place. It was later built out as a 64KB cartridge version in a Kickstarter.

By 2016 the carts were all sold out and the game became available for download on

Fast forward to 2018 and the game was ported to several platforms including Amiga. Pop your champagne, boys and girls, because they developed it for both NTSC and PAL, and aimed not at AGA machine but the most popular of all: a 1MB equipped A500 running OS 1.3 (which any Amiga should be able to play). What a gigantic breath of fresh air!

And I must say, the packaging is awe inspiring. It's easily some of the finest packaging ever made for any Amiga game. And the feelies are simply sensational.
You're looking at a real Chinese star that came as one of the feelies. CD-ROM, floppy disk, stickers, buttons, poster, etc. This is one of the finest packaging examples of any Amiga game I've ever seen. These are Ultima IV/V levels here if not beyond.

Mine came on CD as well as floppy. And I was able to simply copy the files on the floppy to my hard drive and everything worked flawlessly.
I LOVE how they made this disk look like a North American version with not just a sticker, but a GORGEOUS one at that. Look at those eyes in the purple mist beyond.

This right here is how new games for the Amiga should be made (and they should probably ask for more money than they do, as I don't think any of the devs have really made any $ out of this from what I've read).
The game is filled to the rim with options: up to 4-players, various difficulty levels, button mods (like, if you have a 2-button game pad), tons of music tracks to choose from; all kinds of stuff. VERY cool.

If you've ever played the C64's Bruce Lee, this will feel very familiar. It's not the same, and I'd argue it might even be harder. But it's an incredible labor of love that deserves everyone's support. Jaw dropping.

No time to pray to the Buddha. There's some butt kickin' to do.

I feel bad I waited this long to support this incredible effort. But better late than never! I'll give this a solid play through and review in the coming months. It's hard! And it's fun.

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