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Posted Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:40 am

That's great! I highly recommend making a text-only parser version of a point-and-click adventure; one has to be careful to define what verbs will be used beforehand, though. (You can add any verb in a parser, but point-and-clicks have 9, 4, 2, or even 1 verbs.)

I probably will document my process at some point, but maybe more the technical aspect of releasing for 34 platforms than the design aspect (though I probably will discuss this too). There are very good resources to create interactive fiction online.
Here's an idea for a process, close to what I've been doing. I'd recommend she reads Ron Gilbert's article on Puzzle Dependency Charts to craft the scenario; then use Trizbort to plan the geography (room connections, objects/puzzles/characters in each room); then use the Inform 6 export function to get a nice stub for the game; then write a fake transcript (article here; then insert the text in the I6 stub; then use the Inform 6 compiler (latest is 6.34) and a resource like the Inform's Beginner's Guide to finish the game.
Best of luck and ask me again if you need help !

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Posted Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:51 pm

Wow, thanks for those tips. I really appreciate it. AdventureX conference is cancelled this year, which we normally go to, but they are doing a game jam in its place. This will be perfect to get up and running. Hopefully we will have something to show.

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