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Posted Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:59 am

Can I still buy somewhere classic Sierra On-Line adventure games like Space Quest, Police Quest, and King's Quest to play on Amiga OS 4? I am pretty sure that those games were available both for PC and for Amiga, back in the day. I would absolutely love to revisit them.

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Wed Jan 27, 2021 11:12 am

I have several of the titles you mention above, which were all designed and tested against "kickstart 1.2 or better". Whether that includes 4.0 I've no idea. I asked my friend Doug (10MARC) and he said, "It runs about as well as any WinUAE emulation would. I don't think there would be a real problem."

Basically it launches an emulator of sorts when it encounters the older stuff.

You could always just try with one set of ADFs and see what happens.

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