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Posted Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:47 pm

I've always been a huge glutton for punishment, I mean CRPG fan. And when it comes to CRPGs, the classics that poured out of the U.S. via Westwood Studios are top shelf.

So, when I saw Eye of the Beholder II (EOB 2) pop up on my radar, I had to grab it. And it wasn't pricey, either. (I must have rolled my Saving Throw.)

Once I had it in my hands, though, I knew I wouldn't be able to really enjoy it without the original Clue Book. I have the Clue Book for EOB 1 and used it extensively. These games, in my opinion, really should be played with the original handbooks and official clues. Scouring the internet to find walkthroughs totally misses the point. Even with the Clue Books, EOB 1 still kicked my ass mercilessly. To be honest, I can't imagine playing these without the clues. Some of the pathways and puzzles are so bizarrely vicious, I'd have probably cried to mama back in the day. Cried and asked for a cookie.

EOB 2 came out in 1992 for the Amiga. Interestingly, fifteen years later in 2007 the AGF Team rewrote both EOB 1 & EOB 2 to the AGA chip with 256 colors and an automapping feature. More info on those ports and their downloads here: EOB1 (AGA), EOB2 (AGA)

I've not played the AGA versions, but some of the screenshots and YT videos out there look pretty freaking good. Heck, the EOB franchise is so beloved it was even fan-ported to the C64!

For me, though, it's going to be a cold, dark night in the sewers below Waterdeep on the Amiga.

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SSI's Eye of the Beholder II, with Clue Book (sold separately).

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