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Posted Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:19 am

I attended the VFC Swap meet. Some poor fellow had to unload about 50 C64s his wife no longer wanted around after a recent move. They were originally $10 each, but by 11:30am I was able to snag 5 of them for $6 each.

I rolled into the show late and missed the good Amiga deals. A mint A1000 sold at a great price earlier in the day. By the time I got there all that was left was an Amiga 2000 upgraded with a TerribleFire for $600 :-(

I was not in the market for another CRT, but there were lots of CRT deals to be had. There was even a 1942 monitor for $75 (tested and working). These go for like $300 on eBay.

My C64 haul:

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New Orleans, LA, USA

Posted Sun Apr 25, 2021 11:45 am

Awesome! I'll double your money and give you $12 for each :)

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Posted Sun Apr 25, 2021 5:50 pm

Nice! And here I was thinking I was special for scoring a lovely breadbin for only AUD 20 in raffle tickets a few months ago!

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Posted Mon Apr 26, 2021 1:58 am

Wow, Great deal

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Posted Mon Apr 26, 2021 11:04 am

Both C64C models work just fine, absolutely no faults! I thought one had a bad CIA chip, but then I realized I just had completely forgotten to plug in the joystick I was testing :lol:

All three bread bins are dead. Two are total black screens, one shows garbage and plays an odd sound through the monitor.

Hopefully I can cobble a couple of working machines out of these three.

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