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Posted Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:02 pm

I picked this up for a few reasons. First, it is (was) shrink-wrapped NOS - never opened, virgin. New. That's always a pretty amazing thing to find these days. Second, after reading about it, the game actually sounds really good. Some reviewers on Moby for the DOS versions ranked it as one of their greatest gaming experiences ever (1, 2). That's high praise to say the least. I find it odd, and a bit sad, this game seems to be virtually unknown to the Amiga community. Well, and to the DOS community, too. Just a forgotten, overlooked gem from the sounds of it.

Published by Disney in 1991, the game was (I think) a little-known kind of late tie-in to the 1990 movie staring Warren Beatty. It leverages look and feel of the old comic strip heavily.

Not to be confused with earlier 1990 release by Titus Software (which is universally panned as tripe), this game was developed by Distinctive Software - the same folks who brought us Hardball and a ton of racing simulators.

One of the main reasons I ultimately decided to pick this game up and give it a go is it uses recorded digitized voice from five different actors as a key game design feature. Pretty cool! I look forward to playing it soon.
Dick Tracy: The Crime Solving Adventure - front cover

Dick Tracy: The Crime Solving Adventure - back cover

Doing the deed. Sacrilege? There's not a better feeling to have.

Exposed to the elements for the very first time in 26 years.

Opening the sarcophagus of Dick Tracy.

The packaging is really sweet. Even the code wheel is cool, where you aim an old tommy gun at a criminal to reveal the time he committed a particular crime.

And, as is usually the case with NOS disks, it works flawlessly.

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