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Posted Sat Aug 08, 2020 1:35 pm

So I was given a bunch od aging PC hardware, one of which piqued my interest for my retro equipment. It is a LG M2062DL
What piqued my interest is all the inputs this monitor has:
  • DVI-D IN
  • Seperate audio in for the above two
  • Component IN
  • Composite IN
  • 2 X SCART IN ( One of which accepts RGB inputs)
This is going to allow for so many of my systems to be connected at once to the same monitor.
There are down sides so far. No 15Khz or 240p support. It is also a fairly old monitor, so the display will need some work. I am going to look for a service mode that will allow some extreme tweaking. But, for a freebie, this will work nicely.

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Posted Sun Aug 09, 2020 8:14 am

I have a similar one.

It’s the Asus A22T1E. There also was a 24“ variant.

While featuring even one or two more inputs than the LG above, the signal processing is crap. As a TV it’s ok. Pics from the Amiga are slightly distorted and not displayed correctly as they are always overscanned.

Unfortunately, the monitor does not offer the option to switch off overscan on its own. I’ve seen one or two HDMI outputs where it really delivered a nice pic. Not on my legacy systems, though. Well, o. The Amiga and the C64. The Atari 7800 doesn’t really matter here 😆.

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