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Posted Thu Jan 05, 2023 9:19 am

Hi guys,
I have to balance my number of amigas before my sweetie belle gets upset. Selling an Amiga 500 NTSC with Denmark/German keyboard. It does have trap door RAM. I almost sold it before the Canadian Dollar took a nose dive. I'm based out Florida if that's useful information. I break down pricing based on a couple of different things just below.

Looks like current online selling price with mercari/ebay is about $360 American. That's a power supply, trap door RAM and mouse. Knocking off 10% to account for ebay not being involved takes it to 324. Since its Denmark/Germanish keyboard (it's fully functional but possibly inconvenient) I'll knock 15 off again to a price of 319 (and shipping).

If you don't need a floppy drive I can shave off 35 dollars. If you don't need a power supply I can knock off 35 dollars. No mouse needed is also 30 dollars off. I won't separate the trap door RAM.

So $319.00 American plus shipping for mouse, RAM, 110V power supply and functional floppy.
You can lower the price as low as $219.00 plus shipping if you forgo power supply, mouse and floppy drive. I can offer just the power supply tail if you have your own power supply you want to use but it'll be worth $10 American.

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Posted Fri Apr 26, 2024 6:47 pm

Hey! A bit of a late reply but wondering if this is still for sale + are you down for pickups? I’m based in FL as well!

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